Canine and Feline Reproduction Resources

Canine and Feline Reproduction Resources

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Read fast facts on dog & cat reproductive anatomy & physiology provided by Michelson Prize & Grants Scientific Director, Dr. Shirley D. Johnston.

2016-04-30 09:59:51

this is what bothers me most in abo. That omegas conceive through their asses but it's never explained

2016-04-30 10:01:36

most mpreg abo i read glosses over the fact; tho i did read some sensible ones who said they had c-section (for modern abo)

2016-04-30 10:04:13

istg of Baekhyun ever gives birth in my fics its gonna be bloody and ugly and painful and disgusting. No sugar coating :<

2016-04-30 10:10:05

this is why we need vaginas bc no ass hole could logically handle that

2016-04-30 10:21:00

i guess u could look into canine physiology & adapt it from that. like how would the human/wolf hybrid evolve

2016-04-30 10:25:03

that means they'd have a specialized ass hole thats multi-functional for defecating, periods, and birth?

2016-04-30 10:29:43

do dogs have that? i'm going to have to look into this. but when you think about it why is it only specific

2016-04-30 10:31:49

i..wouldn't know the specifics of a dog's discharge canal lmao

2016-04-30 10:32:40

i'm reading something but i do not understand a word of it

2016-04-30 10:40:48

you guys made me most curious and now im here …

2016-04-30 10:49:59

i dont understand a thing and also why am i reading this

2016-04-30 10:52:12

"...during which time prostatic fluid is ejaculated..." wth was he ejaculating before then:/

2016-04-30 10:52:16

i dont know why but i feel like i've gained some knowledge today? haha

2016-04-30 10:56:21

concl: if a dog can fuck/shits/give birth frm the same hole then so can male omegas. case closed.

2016-04-30 10:59:03

also if i'm reading it right then only one heat a year which make the window for breeding small

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